Lincoln Else
Lincoln Else - Director/DP

Director + Cinematographer + Photographer = “Visual Story Teller” Lincoln started out loading 16mm Aaton magazines on the dining room table for his documentary filmmaking father, then became Yosemite National Park’s lead Climbing Ranger after studying philosophy at Yale before returning to that dining room table and committing to a career telling stories with cameras - though the Aaton has been replaced by an Amira. Director, DP, and Photographer on commercial and documentary projects, Lincoln is based in San Francisco working with the likes of Apple, National Geographic, Facebook, Ken Burns, Academy of Sciences, Google, Participant Media, and others. He is an owner in Novus Select - a photography agency and film production company - and is a father of two. He sees the world as a jungle-gym, believes questioning one’s beliefs is as important as the beliefs themselves, and would keep doing exactly the same thing if he won the lottery, only wearing nicer shoes. Be it commercial or editorial, Lincoln’s work as a director and DP is imbued with a documentary approach and aesthetic. Whether on a sound stage or hanging from a rope half way up Cerro Torre, the stories he captures are driven by authenticity.